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Learning to ski was a brilliant idea in every sense. We arrived at the slope and, of course, immediately decided to hire the professional instructor for me. My knees were shaking as we waited for him at the bottom of the slope. But he turned out to be she, the very attractive girl wearing the tempting tight pants. Immediately it calmed me down a bit triggering some dirty thoughts in my head. It was the hour of fun and intense emotions! But even more emotions and orgasms were waiting for us home.

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I have met her at the dentist's office. She was working at the reception, and she looked so innocent that I realized we have to fuck her. I am not going to go into details, but soon, she ended up in our bed. The girl was shy because we started with a card game. The truth is that the cards were with a secret. I didn't just win the session but also her trust and permission to do whatever I want. We couldn't miss the chance to use our prize and take what's ours, so we did what any libertine couple would do.

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What gift should you give a man for your anniversary? I knew for sure what to chose. A sexy blonde who will fulfill all his desires, this will be the best present for Sam. For me too, of course. I've noticed her a long time ago on a dating website, and when I told her about my idea, she agreed without hesitation. We are so lucky! This is the best way to celebrate a relationship between two libertines. There is nothing better than sharing your man with a beautiful girl who isn't shy to show us her skills.

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It was Friday, so we decided to make it the night of libertinism. There was a nice club that was 15 minutes away from our home, and our adventure started there. A cutie was feeling bored at the bar, so she was excited to start talking to me. Sam was entertaining us, making us taste all kinds of delicious treats, and after a couple of hours, we were at our place. The night was unforgettable. This hottie was ready to let loose and play with us. Our experience will be ingrained in her memory forever.

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It was not the best winter day to visit the fair. We and our neighbour were frozen to death and I offered her to pay us a visit so we could drink mulled wine and warm our feet in the shower. Lucky for me, she agreed and I gladly rubbed her back while Sam didn't miss the opportunity to film us from behind the door. We were already very excited when we noticed him so we gladly invited curious guy to join us. Sam excellently helped us to stay warm and it became even hotter in the bathroom thanks to him.

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I had been following this girl on social media for a long time and I really liked her online yoga lessons. We started to text each other and I decided to invite her to our home to have a class. Jeniffer happily agreed, but on one condition - we would have to shoot a video of the class for her blog. Of course I agreed, but I had my own plans for this content and my script was entirely different from hers! After telling Sam my idea and enlisting his help and participation, I started impatiently waiting for our meeting.

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Every morning starts with a jog in the park for me. Not so long ago, I have met a lovely girl who was running at the same time as me, and when Sam joined me one day, I've noticed that she put her eyes on him. It was almost like fate was pushing her into our arms, and we definitely couldn't miss this chance. I can't forget this fantastic adventure to this day. I've chosen the right spot to exercise since this is where I've met the most alluring girl. She was willing to show us just how naughty she is.

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It was payday, so my co-worker and I decided to go shopping. After a couple of hours of exciting shopping, Sam picked us up, and we persuaded her to go to our place to try on new clothes. She agreed so easily, apparently without thinking about the fact that we had some pretty hot stuff there. We were dressing up and Sam started filming us. It couldn't last long, and we fucked her. It was so dirty… I don't even know how to look into her eyes tomorrow in the office cause the three of us are lovers now.

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I've met her on the beach, not too far away from our house. We weren't friends, but we knew each other very well since we were neighbors. The girl was living nearby, and I was always bumping into her when I was walking the dog or at the supermarket. We were having a great time today swimming and tanning, and I didn't even realize that we started kissing. Sam came to pick us up, and our exciting adventure started right in the car. The babe turned out to be even wilder than I initially thought.

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I was eager to see Sam. I was thinking about it for a couple of days already, and I decided to seduce his secretary. I didn't have to persuade her for too long. She secretly came to us in the evening when Sam was having dinner at home. After our meal, I took Sam into the bedroom, promised him a surprise, blindfolded him, and ordered him to wait. What a night we are about to have! I couldn't wait to share my boyfriend with this hot seductress. She was ready to impress us with her mind-blowing skills.