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I've met her on the beach, not too far away from our house. We weren't friends, but we knew each other very well since we were neighbors. The girl was living nearby, and I was always bumping into her when I was walking the dog or at the supermarket. We were having a great time today swimming and tanning, and I didn't even realize that we started kissing. Sam came to pick us up, and our exciting adventure started right in the car. The babe turned out to be even wilder than I initially thought.

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It was payday, so my co-worker and I decided to go shopping. After a couple of hours of exciting shopping, Sam picked us up, and we persuaded her to go to our place to try on new clothes. She agreed so easily, apparently without thinking about the fact that we had some pretty hot stuff there. We were dressing up and Sam started filming us. It couldn't last long, and we fucked her. It was so dirty… I don't even know how to look into her eyes tomorrow in the office cause the three of us are lovers now.

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It is great how our usual bike ride outside the city ended for us with acquaintance with this pretty girl. She joined us for the rest of the day, we were having a lot of fun and the girls have relaxed so much that they started to fool around right there. We invited her to spend the evening with us and she with ease accepted this offer. I could hardly wait for the moment we get back home cause I was ready to lash out at them right from the threshold. Excellent bike ride ended with a hot threesome!

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What else can you do on a gloomy autumn evening while a cute girl is visiting you? Of course, you have to play an interesting game. We decided to play Truth or dare and I was entrusted with filling up the cards. I didn't miss the opportunity to write frank questions and to give naughty dares. My guest was very shy, her cheeks were flushed because of this spicy situation but she got engaged quite fast and soon fully accepted the rules of this game. It was an unforgettable evening, it should definitely be taken as a rule to organize this game every week and invite new friends to play it.

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There were warm days and no desire to work. I convinced Sam to leave work after lunch and go to a picnic by Swan Lake. We took a basket stuffed with yummy things and our neighbor to rush away from the stifling and noisy city. Quick erotic photo set, gentle kisses, and delicious beverages turned our heads and we went back home in a few hours. It was a hot night and not because of summer.

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I met her at a fashion design course where I dreamed to go for so long. I sat down next to that girl and immediately liked her very much. Chatting so happily after class, she offered to show me her drawings, and I immediately realized that that was the good reason to get to know her better and drag into our bed. Despite the fact that the babe was too young, she was uninhibited and quite sophisticated in sex. Sam was able to enjoy the sweet guest's ass without forgetting to penetrate mine one too.

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Learning to ski was a brilliant idea in every sense. We arrived at the slope and, of course, immediately decided to hire the professional instructor for me. My knees were shaking as we waited for him at the bottom of the slope. But he turned out to be she, the very attractive girl wearing the tempting tight pants. Immediately it calmed me down a bit triggering some dirty thoughts in my head. It was the hour of fun and intense emotions! But even more emotions and orgasms were waiting for us home.

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It was Friday, so we decided to make it the night of libertinism. There was a nice club that was 15 minutes away from our home, and our adventure started there. A cutie was feeling bored at the bar, so she was excited to start talking to me. Sam was entertaining us, making us taste all kinds of delicious treats, and after a couple of hours, we were at our place. The night was unforgettable. This hottie was ready to let loose and play with us. Our experience will be ingrained in her memory forever.

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Every morning starts with a jog in the park for me. Not so long ago, I have met a lovely girl who was running at the same time as me, and when Sam joined me one day, I've noticed that she put her eyes on him. It was almost like fate was pushing her into our arms, and we definitely couldn't miss this chance. I can't forget this fantastic adventure to this day. I've chosen the right spot to exercise since this is where I've met the most alluring girl. She was willing to show us just how naughty she is.

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This nympho was the one who texted me first on the forum where I sometimes talk and hang out with other libertines. She was eager to try sex with a couple, but she was super shy and couldn't fully decide. I managed to win her trust, and we scheduled the date at our house. I had to blindfold her, and only then, the girl could relax and dive deep into the world that's full of lust. I can't even describe how sweet she was. She let us take the lead, and we made sure to give her the best pleasure of her life.

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We came to the flower shop for a bouquet for my friend on her Birthday. There we met her! The girl was looking very cute but a little bit shy and tired. I've got an idea! We should make this night unforgettable for her. After flirting a little we finally persuaded her to visit our cosy home. Once she came, I showed her homemade video with Sam, waited for a little till she turned on and started to caress her. Sam didn't waste time and joined us. Our wet bed became a perfect place to reveal all her talents!