Lucky man gets a hottie as a gift

What gift should you give a man for your anniversary? I knew for sure what to chose. A sexy blonde who will fulfill all his desires, this will be the best present for Sam. For me too, of course. I've noticed her a long time ago on a dating website, and when I told her about my idea, she agreed without hesitation. We are so lucky! This is the best way to celebrate a relationship between two libertines. There is nothing better than sharing your man with a beautiful girl who isn't shy to show us her skills.

Babe shares a rod with her bestie

I had no idea that my girlfriend from college was so naughty. When we were students, she was a nerdy girl who was wearing jeans, a sweater, and glasses with thick lenses. And now, are having a nice conversation while drinking some tea, and she offers to take a bath together. What's even better is that she didn't get shy when Sam came. We couldn't miss such an awesome opportunity to have fun. There is nothing better than having an 8-hour session of steamy sex with your best friend. She will love it!

Couple enjoys a lot of sex on vacation

It was a great vacation. The bright sun, welcoming ocean, and lots of sex. Awesome wild sex! We were having it days on end, anywhere we could. On the way home, we realized that something is missing, or more realistically, someone. Yes, we are libertines! My boyfriend Sam and I are open to new experiences, and we usually invite other girls to join our sexual adventures. This exotic trip was a great way to widen our horizons and have fun. We are a libertine couple, and we love trying new things in bed.